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Alice By Heart - Off-Broadway
March, 2019 - StarCuffedJeans

LOCATION: Robert W. Wilson MCC Theater Space
Molly Gordon (Alice Spencer/Alice), Colton Ryan (Alfred Hallam/White Rabbit/March Hare), Wesley Taylor (Harold Pudding/Mad Hatter/Pigeon/Knave of Spades/Mock Mock Turtle), Noah Galvin (Dodgy/Duchess/Dodo/Mock Mock Mock Mock Turtle), Catherine Ricafort (Clarissa/Canary/Queen of Diamonds/Mock Mock Mock Turtle), Zachary Infante (Nigel/Dormouse/Eaglet/Knave of Clubs), Kim Blanck (Tabatha/Cheshire Cat/Caterpillar 2), Grace McLean (Red Cross Nurse/Queen of Hearts/Magpie), Heath Saunders (Angus/Caterpillar/Knave of Hearts), Andrew Kober (Dr. Butridge/King of Hearts/Duck/Jabberwocky/Mock Turtle), Mia DiLena (Ensemble), Zachary Downer (Ensemble)
Really beautiful shot in an intimate space. Lots of zooms, but a good amount of wider shots too with a very limited (almost nonexistent) amount of heads. The lighting in this theater really liked my camera and I know the show almost “by heart” so I think I followed the action as well as possible. My battery died during the last song, but it starts at the very beginning with only one drop out during dialogue.
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