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Heathers: The Musical - Off-West End
June 23, 2018 - bootliette
LOCATION: The Other Palace, London
Carrie Hope Fletcher (Veronica), Jamie Muscato (J.D.), Jodie Steele (Heather Chandler), T'Shan Williams (Heather Duke), Sophie Isaacs (Heather McNamara), Dominic Andersen (Ram Sweeney), Christopher Chung (Kurt Kelly), Jenny O'Leary (Martha Dunnstock), Rebecca Lock (Ms. Fleming), Edward Baruwa (Ram's Dad), Jon Boydon (Kurt's Dad), Rebecca Lock (Veronica's Mum), Jon Boydon (Veronica's Dad), Edward Baruwa (Big Bud Dean), Jon Boydon (Principal Gowan), Edward Baruwa (Coach Ripper), Alex James-Hatton (Beleaguered Geek), Sergio Pasquariello (Preppy Stud), Lauren Drew (New Wave Girl), Charlotte Jaconelli (Stoner Chick), Olivia Moore (Young Republicanette), Sergio Pasquariello (Officer McCord), Alex James-Hatton (Officer Milner)
Recorded from Row H
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