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Wicked - Broadway
January 15, 2019 - ninarosaaria

LOCATION: Broadway
Jessica Vosk (Elphaba), Katie Rose Clarke (Glinda), Jake Boyd (t/r Fiyero), Kevin Chamberlin (The Wizard), Nancy Opel (Madame Morrible), Kristen Martin (Nessarose), Jesse JP Johnson (Boq), Jamie Jackson (Doctor Dillamond), Dominic Giudici (Chistery), Kathy Santen (Midwife), Lindsay Janisse (Witch's Mother), Michael Di Liberto (Witch's Father / Ozian Official)
Audio is muffed, but overall good quality. The bubble wouldn’t come down during No One Mourns the Wicked, so Katie Rose waved one more time, in character, and it finished lowering.
Previous NFT Date: March 11, 2019