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Heathers: The Musical - Off-Broadway
May 25, 2014 - SJ Bernly

LOCATION: New World Stages, NYC
Barrett Wilbert Weed (Veronica), Dan Domenech (u/s J.D.), Charissa Hogeland (u/s Heather Chandler), Alice Lee (Heather Duke), Elle McLemore (Heather McNamara), Jon Eidson (Ram Sweeney), Evan Todd (Kurt Kelly), Katie Ladner (Martha Dunnstock), Michelle Duffy (Ms. Fleming), Anthony Crivello (Ram's Dad), Daniel Cooney (Kurt's Dad), Michelle Duffy (Veronica's Mum), Daniel Cooney (Veronica's Dad), Anthony Crivello (Big Bud Dean), Daniel Cooney (Principal Gowan), Anthony Crivello (Coach Ripper), Dustin Sullivan (Beleaguered Geek), AJ Meijer (Preppy Stud), Matthew Schatz (s/w Hipster Dork), Molly Hager (s/w New Wave Party Girl), Rachel Flynn (Stoner Chick), Cait Fairbanks (Young Republicanette), Matthew Schatz (s/w Officer McCord), AJ Meijer (Officer Milner)
A near perfect capture and the first known DVD of this show's Off-Broadway run. Barrett is incredibly talented: amazing vocals, acting and comedic timing. Dan and Charissa are both fantastic in their roles as well. The show is absolutely hysterical, much improved from the movie version. The first minute of Act One is blacked out, but the show is otherwise fully intact with no blackouts and only slight washout in a few wide shots. There is no obstruction, the video is steady, the sound is excellent, and it's captured very well with the usual mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. It's filmed in 16:9 and includes curtain call, encore, and playbill scans.
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