Encora Reprise - View Single Show

Ada Jones, Edward M. Favor, Harry Tally, Harry Macdonough, Thomas E. Willtbred, J.W Myers, Len Spencer, Bob Roberts, Billy Murray, Arthur Collins, Byron Harlan, Corrine Morgan, Frank C. Stanley, Dan W. Quinn, Burt Shepard, Henry Burr, Fred Stone, John Barnes Wells, Marguerite Dunlap, J. Frank Hopkins, Sallie Osbourne
This recording is a compilation of numbers that were featured in the show over the years that it ran. As was true of many musicals of the time, the songs bore little connection to the plot and changed based on the performers that came and went, the popular songs of the day, even current events. Also included in this comprehensive collection are recordings from later Oz musicals, The Woggle-Bug and The Tik-Tok Man of Oz written by Oz creator L. Frank Baum, as well as vintage non-Oz recordings by original "Wizard of Oz stars" Montgomery & Stone and Bessie Wynn. Multiple sources for this recording, which is also available on CD.