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Dogfight - Off-Broadway
August 15, 2012 - SunsetBlvd79

LOCATION: Second Stage Theatre, NYC
Lindsay Mendez (Rose Fenny), Derek Klena (Eddie Birdlace), Josh Segarra (Boland), Nick Blaemire (Bernstein), Adam Halpin (Stevens), Annaleigh Ashford (Marcy), F. Michael Haynie (Fector), Steven Booth (Gibbs), Becca Ayers (Mama), Dierdre Friel (Ruth Two Bears), James Moye (Lounge Singer)
A Beautiful coming of age story with great performances from the cast. Annaleigh is wonderful here as usual. Great HD capture in a very small theater, in wider shots heads can be in the frame toward the bottom, but mostly shot over them. A-
1 / 1