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Dreamgirls - West End
May 24, 2017 - cynicale
Amber Riley (Effie Melody White), Jocasta Almgill (u/s Deena Jones), Asmeret Ghebremichael (Lorrell Robinson), Joe Aaron Reid (Curtis Taylor, Jr.), Adam J Bernard (James "Thunder" Early), Tyrone Huntley (C.C. White), Lily Frazer (Michelle Morris), Nicholas Bailey (Marty Madison), Carly Mercedes Dyer, Kirk Patterson, Michael Afemaré, Joelle Dyson, Ryan Reid, Chloe Chambers, Noel Samuels, Kimmy Edwards, Callum Aylott, Samara Casteallo, Durone Stokes, Ashley Luke Lloyd, Candace Furbert
Joe Aaron Reid had to leave during intermission due to a sudden indisposition. He was replaced by understudy Ryan Reid in the role of Curtis Taylor Jr.