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West Side Story - Leicester Curve
January 15, 2020 - stoodmyground
Ryan Anderson (u/s Tony), Adriana Ivelisse (Maria), Carly Mercedes Dyer (Anita), Ronan Burns (Riff), Jonathan Hermosa-Lopez (Bernardo), Isaac Gryn (Action), Damian Buhagiar (Chino), Redmand Rance (s/w A-Rab), Alex Christian (Baby John), Dale White (Big Deal), Michael O'Reilly (Diesel), Beth Hinton-Lever (Anybodys), Darren Bennett (Lt. Schrank), Christopher Wright (Krupke), Christopher Wright (Doc), Mireia Mambo (Rosalia), Abigail Climer (Consuela), Thea Bunting (Graziella), Katie Lee (Velma), Martin McCarthy (s/w Pepe), Dominic Sibanda (Indio)
Untracked, acts split into two different files. Recorded from the front row. Ryan Anderson's debut as Tony! His version of Tony is particularly soft, but he is brilliant opposite Adriana.