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Waitress - Broadway
August 6, 2017 - Unknown

LOCATION: Broadway
Betsy Wolfe (Jenna), Charity Angél Dawson (Becky), Molly Jobe (u/s Dawn), Drew Gehling (Dr. Pomatter), Christopher Fitzgerald (Ogie), Eric Anderson (Cal), Dakin Matthews (Joe), Joe Tippett (Earl), Anastacia McCleskey (Nurse Norma), Ella Dane Morgan (Lulu), Stephanie Torns (Francine Pomatter), Molly Hager (Mother), Matt DeAngelis (Father)
Not the best filmed, but the audio is great and it’s the full show and the only known video of Christopher and Betsy together. Occasionally filmed vertical (but the video stays locked horizontally during that portion unfortunately) and edited together with horizontal footage. Lots of washout but what is captured is very interesting to see without all of the zooms in other videos.