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Footloose - Broadway
May 14, 1999 - Unknown
Jeremy Kushnier (Ren McCormack), Jennifer Laura Thompson (Ariel Moore), Tom Plotkin (Willard Hewitt), Stephen Lee Anderson (Reverend Shaw Moore), Dee Hoty (Vi Moore), Anika Noni Rose (Rusty), Roslind Brown (Wendy Jo), Kathy Deitch (Urleen), Billy Hartung (Chuck Cranston), Catherine Cox (Ethel McCormack), Bryant Carrol (Travis/Cowboy Bob), Jim Ambler (Lyle), John Deyle (Principal Clarke), Adam LeFevre (Uncle Wes), Donna Lee Marshall (Eleanor), Robin Baxter (Irene/Betty Blast), John Hillner (Coach Dunbar), Artie Harris (Jeter)
Very well done video that is only missing the first few minutes of the opening dance number. Shot from the rear mezzanine, but the taper manages excellent zooms and captures all the action.