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Tanz der Vampire - First Germany Tour
January 15, 2018 - Rumpel

LOCATION: Stage Theater an der Elbe Hamburg
Kirill Zolygin (u/s Graf von Krolock), Maureen Mac Gillavry (Sarah Chagal), Tom van der Ven (Alfred), Pascal Höwing (u/s Professor Abronsius), Sara Jane Checchi (Magda), Michael Anzalone (Yone Chagal), Yvonne Köstler (Rebecca Chagal), Christian Funk (Herbert von Krolock), Paolo Bianca (Koukol), Jan Kriz (Nightmare Solo), Sander van Wissen (Nightmare Solo), Karina Rapley ("Die roten Stiefel" Solo), Jack Widdowson (Schwarzer Vampir), Andrea Luca Cotti (Weißer Vampir)
Great picture quality and well filmed. Good close ups, even during the solo dancing parts. Some minor mistakes in the dancing, as the black vampire was fairly new in that part. All in all an awesome capture of the 2018 Tour version.