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RENT - Broadway
May 14, 2005 - Unknown
Matt Caplan (Mark Cohen), Cary Shields (Roger Davis), Karmine Alers (Mimi Márquez), Enrico Rodriguez (u/s Angel Dumott Schunard), Destan Owens (Tom Collins), Kelly Karbacz (Maureen Johnson), Danielle Lee Greaves (Joanne Jefferson), D'Monroe (Benjamin Coffin III), Sala Iwamatsu (Alexi Darling and others), Jay Wilkison (u/s Gordon/Mr. Grey), Marcus Paul James (Mr. Jefferson/Soloist #2 and others), Frenchie Davis (Mrs. Jefferson/Soloist #1 and others), Philip McAdoo (u/s Paul and others), Owen Johnston II (u/s Steve and others)
Digital Video, filmed from the middle of the mezzanine; filmed around two heads but lots of closeups A