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Cats - The Muny
July 25, 2010 - SunsetBlvd79

LOCATION: The Muny, St. Louis, MO
Stephanie J. Block (Grizabella), Michael Brian Dunn (Bustopher Jones/Gus/Growltiger), Christine Negherbon (Jennyanydots), Joseph Medeiros (Mr. Mistoffelees), Lara Teeter (Munkustrap), Ken Page (Old Deuteronomy), Kevin Loreque (Rum Tum Tugger), Drew Humphrey (Skimbleshanks)
Part of the 2010 MUNY Season in St. Louis, which usually draws big Broadway names as demonstrated here. Stephanie does a fantastic job as Grizabella here, as does Ken recreating his Old Deuteronomy from the Original Broadway Cast. A-
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