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Rebecca - Stuttgart
June 23, 2012 - cynicale
Valerie Link ("Ich"), Jan Ammann (Maxim), Pia Douwes (Mrs. Danvers), Kerstin Ibald (Beatrice), Isabel Dörfler (Mrs. van Hopper), Hannes Staffler (Jack Favell), Jörg Neubauer (Frank Crawley), Daniele Nonnis (Ben), Udo Eickelmann (Giles/Horridge), Erwin Bruhn (Oberst Julian), Matthias Graf (Frith), Fehmi Gökl (Robert), Christina Patten (Clarice), Christoph Apfelbeck, Raphael Dörr, Hendrik Schall, Jacub Wocial (swing), Christina Maria Brenner (swing), Petra Clauwens (swing), Mona Graw, Denise Jastraunig, Maike Switzer, Wiebke Wötzel
Better overall cast, with the notable exception of Giles (he was sweet during "Was ist nur los mit ihm" but deeply annoying in "Die lieben verwandten"). I also seem to recall Pia doing her own thing rather than strictly following the score a couple of times more often here than during the other performance, but I haven't compared the two audios for evidence of this. Valerie's first act seemed vocally weaker here than during the other performance, but she improved later on.