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Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Broadway
May 4, 2014 - SunsetBlvd79

LOCATION: Belasco Theatre, NYC
Neil Patrick Harris (Hedwig), Lena Hall (Yitzhak), Justin Craig (Skszp), Peter Yanowitz (Schlatko), Tim Mislock (Krzyzhtoff), Matt Duncan (Jacek)
Stunning HD capture of the triple Tony winner with no obstructions. Sparkling, dazzling and moving production that merits all the noise it is making. This was the performance where a lady brought her dog to the show, and Hedwig had fun with that! Also includes Bonus footage from a different performance: Origin of Love, Wig in a Box, Wicked Little Town, Long Grift, Wicked Little Town (Reprise), Midnight Radio.
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