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Amir Arison (Amir), Faran Tahir (Baba), Salar Nadir (Tabla Artist), Dariush Kashani (Rahim Khan/Russian Soldier #2/Dr. Schneider/Omar Faisal), Eric Sarakian (Hassan/Sohrab), Evan Zes (Ali/Farid), Haris Pervaz (u/s Assef), Danish Farooqi (Wali/Guard/Pakistani Doctor), Beejan Land (Kamal/Zaman/Husband/Radio Announcer), Christine Mirzayan (Pomegrante Lady/Wife/Andrews), Joe Joseph (Merchant/Russian Soldier #1), Houshang Touzie (General Taheri), Azita Ghanizada (Soraya)
Includes M4A and WAV untracked. For some reason post fire alarm stop, the audio is SUPER muffled. I did my best so just turn up that volume. Oh yeah, fire alarm happened when there was maybe 15 minutes left in the show. I included a few pictures of the chaos outside. The ushers/house staff theorized the haze, though the show has been using the haze for nearly 2 months without issue. Upon returning post-alarm, I moved up several rows, which makes the muffled audio more confusing. Extremely moving play and kudos to the show and the Helen Hayes for still having some mask mandated performances! TW: SA, extreme violence, and terrorism. As always, NFT/NFS FOREVER except through master.
M4A untracked and WAV untracked
NFT Forever