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Into the Woods - Theatre Royal Bath
August 17, 2022 - HadesWasKing

LOCATION: Theatre Royal Bath
Nicola Hughes (Witch), Rhashan Stone (Baker), Alex Young (Baker's Wife), Audrey Brisson (Cinderella), Lauren Conroy (Little Red Riding Hood), Barney Wilkinson (Jack), Nathanael Campbell (Wolf/Rapunzel's Prince), Henry Jenkinson (Cinderella's Prince), Julian Bleach (Mysterious Man), Gillian Bevan (Jack's Mother), Alexandra Waite-Roberts (Cinderella's Stepmother), Charlotte Jaconelli (Florinda), Jamie Birkett (Lucinda), Samuel Holmes (Steward), Maria Conneely (Rapunzel), Faith Prendercast (Milky White), Cath Whitefield (Granny), Jessica Barton (Little Girl), Michael Larcombe, Jordan Paris
1st Preview for this fantastic new production of Into the Woods. Includes pre-show speeches by directors Terry Gilliam & Leah Hausman!
MP3 (untracked) - 86.8MB