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Waitress - UK Tour
August 17, 2022 - norulesforus
Chelsea Halfpenny (Jenna), Evelyn Hoskins (Dawn), Wendy Mae Brown (Becky), David Hunter (Dr. Pomatter), George Crawford (Ogie), Christopher D Hunt (Cal), Michael Starke (Joe), Tamlyn Henderson (Earl), Scarlet Gabriel (Nurse Norma), Aimée Fisher (Francine Pomatter), Amelia Atherton (Mother), Ben Morris (Father)
Where do I even start with this amazing show? I loved every single second of it and cried most of the way through. It just doesn't seem right that it's closing on Saturday! The audio quality is pretty good, we were right near a speaker. In Act 2, I made the mistake of letting my mum hold my phone and I have a feeling she put her finger over the mic at times, so sorry about that! A badly-filmed bows video and a decent video of the exit music can be included upon request.

M4A (untracked)