Encora Reprise - View Single Show

Richard Thomas (Atticus Finch), Melanie Moore (Scout Finch), Jacqueline Williams (Calpurnia), Justin Mark (Jem Finch), Yaegel T. Welch (Tom Robinson), Steven Lee Johnson (Dill Harris), Mary Badham (Mrs. Henry Dubose), Joey Collins (Bob Ewell), Richard Poe (Judge Taylor), Luke Smith (Horace Gilmer), Arianna Gayle Stucki (Mayella Ewell), David Christopher Wells (Sheriff Heck Tate), Anthony Natalie (Link Deas), Liv Rooth (Miss Stephanie/Dill's Mother), Travis Johns (Mr. Cunningham/Boo Radley), Morgan Bernhard (Ensemble), Denise Cormier (Ensemble), Stephen Elrod (Ensemble), Glenn Fleary (Ensemble), Maeve Moynihan (Ensemble), Dorcas Sowunmi (Ensemble), Greg Wood (Ensemble)
About 2/3 through Act 1 a fire alarm goes off. The actors keep going until someone gets on the intercom and calls for the show to hold. We evacuated the theatre, then got the all clear to go back inside. Steven Lee Johnson restarts the scene with a wave and wink to the audience