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Spirited Away - Tokyo, Japan
2022 - Pro-Shot

LOCATION: Imperial Theatre, Tokyo, Japan
Mone Kamishiraishi (Chihiro), Kotaro Daigo (Haku), Koharu Sugawara (No Face), Miyu Sakihi (Lin/Chihiro's Mother), Tomorowo Taguchi (Kamajî), Romi Park (Yubaba/Zeniba), Kenya Osumi (Aniyaku/Chihiro's Father), Sunao Yoshimura (Chichiyaku), Obata no Oniisan (Aogaeru)
Toho proshot originally streamed on Hulu Japan. This was pre-filmed in Tokyo sometime between February and March. This is commonly labeled as being recorded in Nagoya or as July 3, because a proshot of the July 3 performance in Nagoya on the Japan national tour was originally supposed to air on the same date. However, due to COVID issues within the company, the Nagoya performance on July 3 was cancelled, and they aired this version, filmed during the original Tokyo run on an unspecified date, instead.
There is a 1080p screen recording originally uploaded to Bilibili. There's a slight framerate mismatch on this version.
There is also a rarer very limited trade (4:1) higher quality direct stream rip.