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Brian d'Arcy James (The Baker), Sara Bareilles (The Baker's Wife), Patina Miller (The Witch), Diane Phelan (u/s Cinderella), Cheyenne Jackson (t/r The Wolf/Cinderella's Prince), Joshua Henry (Rapunzel's Prince), Julia Lester (Little Red Riding Hood), Cole Thompson (Jack), Aymee Garcia (Jack's Mother), Alysia Velez (Rapunzel), Annie Golden (Grandmother/Cinderella's Mother/Giant's Wife), David Patrick Kelly (Narrator/Mysterious Man), Ta'Nika Gibson (Lucinda), Albert Guerzon (Cinderella's Father), Brooke Ishibashi (Florinda), Kennedy Kanagawa (Milky White), Nancy Opel (Cinderella's Stepmother), David Turner (Steward)
Diana's second performance and first day as Cinderella! Her voice would patter on occasion, but was still lovely to listen to. The rest of the cast is great, especially Cheyenne who makes me forget Gavin was even in the show to begin with.
M4A (untracked)