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Beth Leavel (Miranda Priestly), Jessie Hooker-Bailey (u/s Andy Sachs), Javier Muñoz (Nigel Owens), Christiana Cole (Lauren Hunter), Megan Masako Haley (Emily Charlton), Tiffany Mann (Kayla Ward), Michael Tacconi (Nate Angstrom), Christian Thompson (Christian Thompson), Kyle Brown (Ensemble), JoJo Carmichael (s/w Ensemble), Olivia Cipolla (Ensemble), Tyrone Davis Jr. (Ensemble), Audrey Douglass (Ensemble), Hannah Douglass (Ensemble), Cailen Fu (Ensemble), Michael Samarie George (Ensemble), Henry Gottfried (Ensemble), Marya Grandy (Ensemble), Liana Hunt (Ensemble), Amber Jackson (Ensemble), Nikka Graff Lanzarone (Ensemble), Anthony Murphy (Ensemble), Jim Ortlieb (Ensemble), Johnny Rice (Ensemble), Sawyer Smith (Ensemble), Terrance Spencer (Ensemble), CJ Tyson (Ensemble)
Jessie Hooker-Bailey's (last-minute!) Andy debut, which she absolutely crushed. It's a really fun show with an excellent cast, and I can't wait to see it again when it's on Broadway. There was no song list in the Playbill, so I guessed and/or made up the titles for the ones that I couldn't find in promotional videos/articles. Rename them when the official names come out, or keep them for historical accuracy, up to you.
M4A (tracked and untracked)