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Will Barratt (alt Jean Valjean), Nic Greenshields (Javert), Rachelle Ann Go (Fantine), Nathania Ong (Éponine), Will Callan (Marius), Paige Blankson (Cosette), Ian Hughes (Thenardier), Helen Walsh (Madame Thenardier), Samuel Wyn-Morris (Enjolras), Sam Lockhart (Gavroche), Methuki Wijesuriya (Little Cosette), Lillie Babb (Little Éponine), George Arvidson (Bamatabois/Babet), Adam Boardman (Brujon), Harry Chandler (Feuilly), Steven Hall (Grantaire), Jenna Innes (Wig Maker), Tessa Kadler (Madame), Caleb Lagayan (Jean Prouvaire), Abel Law (Montparnasse/Pimp), Zabrina Norry (Factory Girl), Jordan Simon Pollard (Factory Foreman/Combeferre), Dean Read (Lesgles), Rick Zwart (The Bishop/Claquesous), Emily Olive Boyd (s/w Old Woman), Aidan Banyard (s/w Joly), Damian Kneale (s/w Courfeyrac), Rebecca Bolton (Ensemble), Olivia Brereton (Ensemble), Rebecca Ferrin (Ensemble), Aimee Good (Ensemble)
Fire Alarm Bonanza. 6x fire alarms in one show! The fire alarm goes off for around 10-15 seconds during Come to Me/Fantine's Death. When Act 2 started, the fire alarm went off another 5 times, twice before On My Own, and three times during, until the show stopped after On My Own. After a 10 minute break, the show resumed from after On My Own. Conducted by Giles Deacon. Tracked by mariuscourf
WAV & MP3 - Untracked & tracked
NFT Date: June 20, 2023