Encora Reprise - View Single Show

Dan Partridge (Danny Zuko), Ellie Kingdon (u/s Sandy Dumbrowski), Jocasta Almgill (Betty Rizzo), Paul French (Kenickie), Darren Bennett (Vince Fontaine/Teen Angel/Officer Mailie), Jake Reynolds (Doody), Noah Harrison (Roger), Damon Gould (Sonny), Eloise Davies (Frenchy), Mary Moore (Jan), Lizzy-Rose Esin-Kelly (Marty), Darnell Matthew-James (Eugene), Jessica Croll (Patty Simcox), Ronan Burns (Johnny Casino), Corinna Powlesland (Miss Lynch), Katie Lee (Cha Cha), Pearce Barron (Jimmy), Ben Cullerton (Roy), Remi Ferdinand (Lula), Kamilla Fernandes (Selina), Jack Harrison-Cooper (Joey), Kalisha Johnson (Melody), Carly Miles (s/w Rosie), Richard-Kyro Nelson (Jackson), Imogen Bailey (Tess), Zack Guest (Stitch), Kevin O'Dwyer (s/w)
unobstructed video, no blackouts. some nice zooms and some full stage shots for the big dance numbers too. video is wonky at times due to the stalls angle being new to me but it's still an easy watch. includes bows and megamix.
Previous NFT Date: September 1, 2022