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Willemijn Verkaik (Beverley/Annette & others), Steven Roox (Kevin T./Garth & others), Wim van den Driessche (Claude & others), Robbert van den Bergh (Oz & others), Willemijn van Holt (Janice & others), Silencio Pinas (u/s Kevin J./Ali & others), Dieter Spileers (u/s Nick/Doug & others), Rosalie de Jong (Diane & others), Joanne Telesford (Hannah & others), Marleen van der Loo (Beulah & others), Lieke van den Broek (Bonnie & others), Qshans Thode (Bob & others)
mostly unobstructed hd capture of the dutch production of cfa. there's a head that sometimes obstructs the left stage of the show but i mostly filmed around it. very willemijn focused with a lot of close-up shots.
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