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Into the Woods - Encores!
May 8, 2022 - juniper47

LOCATION: New York City Center
Neil Patrick Harris (The Baker), Sara Bareilles (The Baker's Wife), Heather Headley (The Witch), Denée Benton (Cinderella), Gavin Creel (The Wolf/Cinderella's Prince), Jason Forbach (u/s Rapunzel's Prince), Julia Lester (Little Red Ridinghood), Cole Thompson (Jack), Ann Harada (Jack's Mother), Shereen Pimentel (Rapunzel), Annie Golden (Grandmother/Cinderella's Mother/Giant's Wife), David Patrick Kelly (Narrator/Mysterious Man), Ta'Nika Gibson (Lucinda), Albert Guerzon (Cinderella's Father), Brooke Ishibashi (Florinda), Kennedy Kanagawa (Milky White), Lauren Mitchell (Cinderella's Stepmother), Cameron Johnson (u/s Steward)
Recorded from the balcony, but used different setting so turned out better than May 5's audio. A couple minor line flubs (Sara Bareilles makes one in the Prologue, and Denée drops a line in "Your Fault"), and a super responsive audience.
MP3 tracked & untracked