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Singin' in the Rain - Fifth UK Tour
April 29, 2022 - HadesWasKing

LOCATION: Edinburgh Festival Theatre
Sam Lips (Don Lockwood), Charlotte Gooch (Kathy Selden), Faye Tozer (Lina Lamont), Ross Mclaren (Cosmo Brown), Dale Rapley (R. F. Simpson), Sandra Dickinson (Dora Bailey)
Absolutely fantastic performance by the current UK tour cast and from my understanding the first released audio of this cast. Great quality recorded from the stalls. Occasional strange noises coming from behind me by an audience member and you'll hear a little bit of whispering from the people beside me as they fall in love with the BSL interpreter.
MP3 (untracked) - 93.3MB, MP3 (tracked) - 94.3MB