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Waitress - Second US National Tour
April 16, 2022 - hamiltonunderstudylists
LOCATION: New Brunswick, NJ
Jisel Soleil Ayon (Jenna), Dominique Kent (Becky), Gabriella Marzetta (Dawn), David Socolar (Dr. Pomatter), Brian Lundy (Ogie), Jake Mills (Cal), Michael R. Douglass (Joe), Shawn W. Smith (Earl), Dayna Marie Quincy (Nurse Norma), Stephanie Feeback (Francine Pomatter), Olivia London (Mother), Woody White (Father), Jake McCready (Ensemble), Elvie Ellis (Ensemble), Zoe Brook Reed (Ensemble)
Not my best audio. A fire alarm goes off about five minutes into the show. Ushers told us to stay put and the show resumed from the top of the first Joe scene about seven minutes later. This is not cut from the audio. You can hear me talk to my grandma several times during the show and these comments are audible. Additionally, several phones go off during the time around “She Used to be Mine” and you can hear me adjusting my seat position around this time.
M4A (untracked) - 68.6 MB