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Waitress - Second US National Tour
April 16, 2022 - traditionallydynamic
LOCATION: State Theater
Jisel Soleil Ayon (Jenna), Dominique Kent (Becky), Gabriella Marzetta (Dawn), David Socoloar (Dr. Pomatter), Michael R Douglass (Joe), Jake Mills (Cal), Shawn W Smith (Earl), Brian Lundy (Ogie), Dayna Marie Quincy (Nurse Norma), Jake McCready, Elvie Ellis, Stephanie Feeback, Zoë Brooke Reed, Olivia London, Woody White (Ensemble), Justin Forward, Justin Glass, Julia Rippon, Andrew Burton Kelley (Swing)
Full show. Act 1 is interrupted about 6-7 minutes through by a fire alarm; afterwards, they restart a little earlier from Joe's dialogue. Has the parting performance from the pit band, though it's cut in one part to remove some personal stuff and later has my friend and I talking over it. About 42 minutes into Act 1, between You Will Still Be Mine and A Soft Place to Land, I drop my phone trying to grab some tissues... sorry! All said and done though, it was a great performance by everyone in the cast.
It's not great quality, especially since I forgot to disable noise cancellation in the recording app I used. That said, some parts are alright. No restrictions on gifting/uploading of this audio, but do not sell under any circumstances.