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Everybody's Talking About Jamie - First UK Tour
April 11, 2022 - TBT Trading

LOCATION: Sheffield Lyceum
Layton Williams (Jamie New), Amy Ellen Richardson (Margaret New), Shane Richie (Hugo / Loco Chanelle), Sasha Latoya (Ray), Lara Denning (Miss Hedge), Sharan Phull (Pritti Pasha), Cameron Johnson (Jamie's Dad), John Paul McCue (Laika Virgin), Rhys Taylor (Tray Sophisticay), Garry Lee (Sandra Bollock), Jordan Ricketts (e/c Dean Paxton), Alex Hetherington (s/w Daniel)
This show was fantastic as always. This cast blew me away. This is the first known recording of Sasha as Ray. Jordan from the previous West End cast came up and covered for George in this show! Jodie and Talia performed a split track sharing the role of Becca as Zhara was out and Emma wasn't on swinging. Talia performed the prom planning scene by her self. The cast like always just blew me away, and Amy as Mags was the highlight. A bit of add lib during a few scenes which was nice to see. Reopening night for this tour in Sheffield two years later!
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