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RENT - 25th Anniversary Farewell Tour
March 27, 2022 - Unknown

LOCATION: National Theatre, Washington, DC
JT Wood (Mark Cohen), Coleman Cummings (Roger Davis), Carlina Parker (u/s Mimi Márquez), Javon King (Angel Schunard), Jahir L Hipps (u/s Tom Collins), Lyndie Moe (Maureen Johnson), Elizabeth Adabale (u/s Joanne Jefferson), Jarred Bedgood (Benjamin Coffin III), Makenzie Rivera (Mark's Mom and others), Jaylon Crump (u/s Christmas Caroler, Mr. Jefferson, Pastor and others), Analise Rios (u/s Mrs. Jefferson, Woman with Bags, Alexi Darling, Roger's Mom and others), Stephen Rochet Lopez (Gordon, The Man, Mr. Grey and others), James Schoppe (Steve, Man with Squeegee, a Waiter and others), Mathew Bautista (Paul and others), Thomas Purvis (s/w Ensemble and others)
Recorded from mezzanine. Some Rent fans nearby who laughed or cheered loudly at times. Some noise with people coming in through the mezzanine entrance doors throughout the show and the ushers seating late-comers. Otherwise a nice clear audio.
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