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Company - Third Broadway Revival
March 5, 2022 - juniper47

LOCATION: Bernard B Jacobs Theatre
Katrina Lenk (Bobbie), Jennifer Simard (u/s Joanne), Kathryn Allison (u/s Sarah), Christopher Sieber (Harry), Rashidra Scott (Susan), Greg Hildreth (Peter), Britney Coleman (u/s Jenny), Christopher Fitzgerald (David), Claybourne Elder (Andy), Manu Narayan (Theo), Bobby Conte Thornton (PJ), Matt Doyle (Jamie), Etai Benson (Paul), Terence Archie (Larry), Anisha Nagarajan (New Yorker), Jacob Dickey (New Yorker), Javier Ignacio (New Yorker), Heath Saunders (New Yorker)
Two very loud laughers sitting nearby, but otherwise a great audio. Again, can't say enough fantastic things about Jennifer Simard's Joanne - she elevates the role to new levels. Zip file includes both tracked and untracked .mp3 files.
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.mp3 tracked & untracked
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