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Mean Girls - Broadway
March 10, 2020 - WhatTradingCanDo

LOCATION: August Wilson Theatre, NY
Sabrina Carpenter (Cady Heron), Reneé Rapp (Regina George), Krystina Alabado (Gretchen Wieners), Laura Leigh Turner (Karen Smith), Olivia Kaufmann (Janis Sarkisian), Chad Burris (Damian Hubbard), Kyle Selig (Aaron Samuels), Cheech Manohar (Kevin Gnapoor), Catherine Brunell (Mrs. Heron/Ms. Norbury/Mrs. George), Rick Younger (Principal Duvall), Drew Redington (Mr. Heron), Teddy Toye (Coach Carr/Glen Coco/Math Moderator), Stephanie Lynn Bissonnette (Dawn Schweitzer), Collins Conley (Lizzie Therman/Caroline Krafft), Tovi Wayne (s/w Tyler Kimble), Darius Barnes (Christian Wiggins), Pascal Pastrana (Shane Oman), Riza Takahashi (Sophie Kawachi), Devon Hadsell (Caitlyn Caussin), Curtis Holland (Jason Weems), Daryl Tofa (Marwan Jitla), Becca Petersen (Taylor Wedell), Sasha Hollinger (Rachel Hamilton), Bria Jene Williams (Grace Akinola), Lily Kaufmann (Sonja Acquino)
First performances of the Mean Girls 2.0 Broadway cast. Debut performances for Sabrina Carpenter, Laura Leigh Turner, Oliva Kaufmann, and Chad Burris. As far as I know, this is the ONLY audio of the 2.0 cast in existence. Recorded by a non-trader friend from the first row, and I was given permission to release it as my master. This audio is to always be gifted.
MP3 (untracked) - 117 MB