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Cabaret - Third Broadway Revival
March 29, 2014 - revoltingtimes
Leeds Hill (u/s Emcee), Michelle Williams (Sally Bowles), Linda Emond (Fraulein Schneider), Danny Burstein (Herr Schultz), Bill Heck (Cliff Bradshaw), Aaron Krohn (Ernst Ludwig), Gayle Rankin (Fritzie / Fraulein Kost), Kaleigh Cronin (Lulu / 'Two Ladies' Dancer), Benjamin Eakeley (Herman/Max), Andrea Goss (Frenchie), Will Carlyon (u/s Bobby / 'Two Ladies' Dancer), Kristin Olness (Helga), Jessica Pariseau (Texas), Dylan Paul (Victor), Jane Pfitsch (Rosie), Evan D. Siegel (Hans)
Comments: Audio from early in the second week of previews. Alan Cumming got the flu resulting in a cancelled performance on the 28th and Leeds Hill going on as Emcee (and Will Carlyon as Bobby - their first performances in each role) for this show and the next matinee having had very little rehearsal. They both manage it wonderfully.