Encora Reprise - View Single Show

Phoenix Best (Mary), Kelli Blackwell (Diana), Ben Fankhauser (Jesus), Alan H. Green (Jacob), Jade Jones (Jessica), Jared Loftin (Nicholas), Calvin McCullough (Mattias), Adelina Mitchell (Ruth), Christian Montgomery (Bartimaeus), Da'Von T. Moody (Simeon), Chani Wereld (Ester), Alex De Bard, Sylvern Groomes Jr., RJ Pavel, John Sygar, Kanysha Williams (Ensemble)
4x3 phone boot of this incredibly fun and heartwarming premiere musical. The 2nd act has closer framing due to settings being changed during intermission, but almost no action is missed. A few dropouts when characters are on the very edges of the stage. A few mic issues, as the show is still in its early performances. The cast said to expect changes over the month the show runs. Exceptional performances from all involved.