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Sh!t-Faced Shakespeare - Hamlet - West End
September 11, 2019 - magicinthemess

LOCATION: Leicester Square Theatre
Beth-Louise Priestley (Compare), Christopher Lane (Hamlet), Natalie Boakye (Ophelia/Horatia/Player), Saul Marron (Claudius), Stacey Norris (Gertrude/Player), Richard Hughes (Laertes/Hamlet's Father/Player)
The best (70 minute) production of Hamlet ever. One actor (Natalie, for that night's show) was gotten drunk before the show - and was given more alcohol onstage - and caused chaos in Shakespeare's famous tragedy. Highlights include: as Horatia - "TIS THE POISONED CUP" (which forced the actors to improv a whole new ending to Hamlet) and as Ophelia - "I DON'T WANT TO DIE PLEASE DON'T LET ME DIE". she had to be dragged offstage by the Compare, Beth-Louise, multiple times. The sober actors have some fun ad-libs, too!
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