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Dominic Short (Albus), Luke Sumner (Scorpius), Jim Fish (u/s Harry), Susie Trayling (Ginny), Thomas Aldridge (Ron), Michelle Gayle (Hermione), Phoenix Edwards (Rose), James Howard (Draco), David Annen (Snape), Morag Cross (McGonagall/Trolley Witch), David Mara (u/s Sorting Hat/Hagrid), Thomas Royal (James Potter Jr.), Kathryn Meisle (Petunia/Madam Hooch), Ronnie Lee (Craig Bowker Jr.), Emma-May Uden (Polly Chapman), Craig Connelly (Karl Jenkins), Tom Sturgess (Yann Fredericks), Ian Redford (Dumbledore), Madeleine Walker (Delphi), Lucy Managan (Moaning Myrtle), Samson Ajewole (Bane), Time Dewberry (s/w Station Master), Lola Adaja (s/w), Valerie Antwl (s/w), Sue Appleby, Phil Cheadle, Robert Curtis (s/w), Tim Dewberry (s/w), Thomas Gilbey (s/w), Jemma Gould, Rachel Hinds (s/w), Jordan Lang, Katrina Lopes, Lucia McAnespie (s/w), Gordan Millar (s/w), Joshua Talbot, Wreh-asha Walton
Great HD capture of the year 5 London cast of Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Part Two, shot with a mix of wides, mediums and closeups, there is an annoying head on the middle that sometimes obstructs the lower middle part of the stage but for the most part gets shot over and gradually disappears as the show goes on, a bit of ocasional wandering and a few dropouts during blackouts that don't affect the viewing experience. This is a really fun performance to watch, you can really appreciate the effects and also kind of figure out how some of them work because of how the camera handles the light, includes full show plus curtain call.
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