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Tori Burgess (Lydia Bennet / Mary Bennet / William Collins / Mrs. Gardiner / Anne), Christina Gordon (Jane Bennet / Lady Catherine de Bourgh / George Wickham / Clara), Hannah Jarrett-Scott (Charlotte Lucas / Charles Bingley / Caroline Bingley / Tillie), Isobel McArthur (Mrs. Bennet / Fitzwilliam Darcy / Flo), Annabel Baldwin (s/b Elizabeth Bennet / Effie)
Second performance after the closing announcement and the house was pretty full for a Wednesday in January. Hannah's first show back since just before NYE. Annabel's Elizabeth is very different from Meghan's but just as amazing and funny! There were some people near me with very loud reactions to some of the jokes.
M4A - Act 1 (30.5MB) - Act 2 (27.9MB)