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Tori Burgess (Lydia Bennet / Mary Bennet / William Collins / Mrs. Gardiner / Anne), Christina Gordon (Jane Bennet / Lady Catherine de Bourgh / George Wickham / Clara), Hannah Jarrett-Scott (Charlotte Lucas / Charles Bingley / Caroline Bingley / Tillie), Isobel McArthur (Mrs. Bennet / Fitzwilliam Darcy / Flo), Meghan Tyler (Elizabeth Bennet / Effie)
Accidentally stopped recording for a bit in act 2 just after the “emerged from a lake” joke but started again shortly before Lydia and Wickham run onstage together. A woman in the audience shouts “Woo, you tell him!” after Elizabeth rejects Darcy's proposal. Christina's voice goes completely during her last scene as Lady de Bourgh and Isobel runs on in her servant outfit with a water bottle for her
M4A x3 - Act 1 (32.2MB) - Act 2 PI (18.6MB) - Act 2 PII (7.7MB)