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Katrina Lenk (Bobbie), Patti LuPone (Joanne), Matt Doyle (Jamie), Christopher Fitzgerald (David), Christopher Sieber (Harry), Jennifer Simard (Sarah), Terence Archie (Larry), Etai Benson (Paul), Bobby Conte (PJ), Nikki Renée Daniels (Jenny), Claybourne Elder (Andy), Tally Sessions (u/s Peter), Manu Narayan (Theo), Rashidra Scott (Susan), Kathryn Allison, Britney Coleman, Jacob Dickey, Javier Ignacio, Anisha Nagarajan, Heath Saunders
Opening night! Missing some of Act 1 (my friend had a recorder problem). There is a break in the audio between “Company” and “You Can Drive Person Crazy” and then continues on. Act 2 is in full. It is a wonderful quality audio taken from the rear mezzanine.
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