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Frozen - Hamburg
December, 2021 - galindafiziert
Marcella Adema (u/s Elsa), Willemijn Maandag (alt Anna), Greta (Young Elsa), Louisa (Young Anna), Elindo Avastia (Olaf), Benét Monteiro (Kristoff), Antoine D Banks-Sullivan (Sven), Milan van Waardenburg (Hans), Marlon Wehmeier (Oaken), Eric Minsk (Weselton), David Negletto (Pabbie), Rebecca Stahlhut (u/s Bulda), Dominik Doll (King Agnarr), Lanie Sumalinog (Queen Iduna), Marlon Wehmeier (Bishop)
Nice HD capture of Marcella Adema‘s Elsa debut. There's little to no wandering, with some nice close ups and almost zero obstructions except for a head in act 2 which can be seen at some points. Video starts around 2 Minutes in. Filmed from the stalls.
NFT Forever