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Robyn McIntyre (Phyllis), David Fallon (Peter), Gina Jamieson (Bobby), Kate Hampson (Mother / Mrs Perks), Niall Costigan (Father / Mr Perks), Claire Storey (Cook / Mrs Viney), Daniel Reid-Walters (Mr. Schepansky / Butler / Jim), Guy Burgess (Doctor / Old Gentleman), Katie Norris (Ensemble), Sophie Bevan (Ensemble)
Join Bobby, Peter and Phyllis in this warm-hearted, uplifting tale of hope, friendship and family. With their Father gone, the family is forced to leave their comfortable home in London. Here in Yorkshire they experience a life of adventure by the railway, whilst struggling to make ends meet. Through the kindness and generosity of friends and neighbours they continue to have faith that it'll all come right in the end.