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Dianne Pilkington (Eglantine Price), Sam Lupton (u/s Emelius Browne), Conor O'Hara (Charlie Rawlins), Jacqui DuBois (Mrs. Hobday), Susannah Van Den Berg (Mrs. Mason), Nathaniel Morrison (s/b Norton, a Fish), Mark Anderson (Sherman, a Bear), Matthew Elliot-Campbell (King Leonidas, a Lion), Jonathan Cobb (u/s Angela, a Bird), Georgie Buckland (s/w), Jessica Aubrey (s/w), Vinnie Monachello (s/w)
Great HD capture of the magical Disney musical, featuring the understudies for Emelius Browne, Norton and Angela. Filmed with a mix of wides, mediums and closeups, there is minimal wandering and almost zero obstructions. This was a signed performance, and the interpreter can be seen in a few scenes - but not during most scenes. Audience can be a little noisy at points, but it's nothing super bad or distracting.
1920x1080 mts, 14.3gb / 1920x1080 mp4, 4.81gb
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