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Death Drop - First UK Tour
November, 2021 - hadesishere
Willam (Shazza), Ra'Jah O'Hara (Summer Raines), Vinegar Strokes (Lady von Fistenburg), Karen From Finance (Morgan Pierce), Holly Stars (Blue/Brie/Spread Bottomley), Richard Energy (Rich Whiteman), Georgia Frost (Phil Maker)
Decent HD capture of the hilarious 'Dragatha Christie' play. There's 1 major had that obstructs the right side of the stage throughout. It was worked around as best as I could, but quite a lot of the action is missed at points. A few dropouts (mostly in Act 1 due to latecomers), as well as a little wandering throughout and about 2 minutes missing from Act 2 due to a battery change, however there's very minimal washout. Shot mostly with a mix of mediums and closeups, and includes the curtain call.
MTS (13.2GB) | MP4 (4.93GB)
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