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Waitress - Broadway Remount
November 26, 2021 - IDon'tNeedYourLove
Ciara Renée (Jenna), Maiesha McQueen (Becky), Gerianne Pérez (u/s Dawn), Henry Gottfried (u/s Dr. Pomatter), Ben Thompson (Earl), Dakin Matthews (Joe), Eric Anderson (Cal), Nik Dodani (Ogie), Olivia Lucy Phillip (Nurse Norma), Ava Kacey Thomas (Lulu), Stephanie Torns (Francine Pomatter), Cherise Thomas (Mother), Matt DeAngelis (Father), Tyrone Davis Jr. (Ensemble), Grace Stockdale (Ensemble), Curtis Thomas (Ensemble)
Ciara Renee's second show as Jenna in Waitress The Musical!!!!! She freaking slayed so much. Honestly one of the best Jenna's I ever heard and her belting was so amazing. She even opted up a couple of times & her acting was superb for Jenna. Gerianne played Dawn and she was so amazing. Her vocal performance of “When He Sees Me” was amazing. Ava's Broadway Debut & Lulu Debut!!!. Audio starts 3 seconds after Act 2 starts. Audio stops after Earl tells Jenna to leave Dawns & Ogies wedding & picks up again 5 seconds after She Used To Be Mine as I video recorded Dear Baby & She Used To Be Mine. The video is exceptional and its a really good orchestra vid & shot between heads. Its filmed 10 seconds into “Dear Baby”. The whole cast was really amazing and iconic!!!! The “Dear Baby & She Used To Be Mine” video is to never be posted on Social Media at all.