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Rebecca Wickes (Veronica Sawyer), Simon Gordon (JD), Maddison Firth (Heather Chandler), Lizzy Parker (Heather McNamara), Merryl Ansah (Heather Duke), Georgina Hagen (Ms. Fleming/Mrs Sawyer), Mhairi Angus (Martha Dunnstock), Liam Doyle (Kurt Kelly), Rory Phelan (Ram Sweeney), Andy Brady (Paul Kelly/Mr Sawyer/Principal Gowan), Kurt Jansley (Bill Sweeney/Big Bud Dean/Coach Ripper), Benjamin Karran (Preppy Stud), Sam Stones (Beleaguered Geek/Officer Milner), Callum Connolly (Hipster Dork/Officer McCord), Rhiane Drummond (Young Republicanette), Bailey Hart (Stoner Chick), Daisy Twells (New Wave Party Girl), May Tether (Drama Club Drama Queen)
Filmed wide, a little bit of wash out at times. A few brief black outs and seconds missing, but usually done during a scene change.
MP4 - Act 1 (5.56GB), Act 2 (4.62GB) (Total: 10.19GB)
Previous NFT Date: March 1, 2022