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Death Drop - West End
June 5, 2021 - elphiethropp
LOCATION: Garrick Theatre
Willam (Shazza), Latrice Royale (Summer Raines), Myra DuBois (Lady Von Fistenburg), Anna Phylactic (Morgan Pierce), Don One (Phil Maker), LoUis CYfer (Rich Whiteman), Holly Stars (The Bottomleys), Apple Derrieres (Swing)
Master's Notes: Please mark as 'elphiethropp's master'. You may trade this freely and gift privately, however, please do not share the link publicly (on Tumblr, YouTube, etc) or on any groups with multiple people. If you have this before May 5th 2019 (sic), please mark it NFT until that date.
(Note: The May 5th 2019 is clearly copied from another release, so no NFT date in place on Encora unless elphiethropp requests it)

MP3 43.7MiB