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Wicked - Second National Tour (Munchkinland)
June 23, 2019 - vogelfanger

LOCATION: Seattle, Washington
Mariand Torres (Elphaba), Erin Mackey (Glinda), Curt Hansen (Fiyero), Jason Graae (The Wizard), Sharon Sachs (Madame Morrible), Amanda Fallon Smith (Nessarose), Michael Wartella (Boq), Tom Flynn (Doctor Dillamond), Wayne Schroder (Witch's Father / Ozian Official), Amy Yakima (Witch's Mother), Tregoney Shepherd (Midwife), KC Fredericks (Chistery), Allison Bailey (Ensemble), Beka Burnham (Ensemble), Lauren Cannon (Ensemble), Matt Densky (Ensemble), Ryan Patrick Farrell (Ensemble), Sarah Anne Fernandez (Ensemble), Sara Gonzales (Ensemble), Mattie Love (Ensemble), Tiffany Rae Mallari (Ensemble), Hayden Milanes (Ensemble), Jennafer Newberry (Ensemble), Andy Richardson (Ensemble), Jeff Sears (Ensemble), Brandon Stonestreet (Ensemble), Aidan Wharton (Ensemble), Justin Wirick (Ensemble)
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This was recorded from the balcony. Vocals are clear but the orchestra can be quiet due to the Paramount's acoustics. The audience was pretty active and there is lots of enthusiastic applause, laughing, and occasional audible comments.

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