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Anything Goes - Second West End Revival
September, 2021 - hadesishere

LOCATION: Barbican Centre
Sutton Foster (Reno Sweeney), Robert Lindsay (Moonface Martin), Samuel Edwards (Billy Crocker), Nicole-Lily Baisden (Hope Harcourt), Haydn Oakley (Lord Evelyn Oakleigh), Carly Mercedes Dyer (Erma), Gary Wilmot (Elisha J. Whitney), Felicity Kendal (Evangeline Harcourt), Jon Chew (John), Alistair So (Luke)
Decent HD capture of the sensational revival featuring Sutton Foster. The video is recorded from the left circle with a mix of wides, mediums and closeups, and starts just before 'There's No Cure Like Travel'. It's filmed around a safety barrier and some heads, but I worked around them as well as I could. Some wandering and dropouts happen throughout, but it improves as the show goes on, and generally captures the action quite well. Please never list specific date or post any kind of screenshot online.
1920x1080 mts, 14.2gb / 1920x1080 mp4, 4.1gb
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