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Be More Chill - West End
September, 2021 (2) - hadesishere

LOCATION: Shaftesbury Theatre
Scott Folan (Jeremy Heere), Blake Patrick Anderson (Michael Mell), Miracle Chance (Christine Canigula), Stewart Clarke (The SQUIP), Eloise Davies (Brooke Lohst), Grace Mouat (Chloe Valentine), Natalia Ong (Jenna Rolan), Miles Paloma (Jake Dillinger), James Hameed (Rich Goranski), Christopher Fry (Mr. Heere/Mr. Reyes/Scary Stockboy)
Decent HD capture of the production's emotional Closing Night. The first few numbers of both acts are mostly blindshot with a lot of blackouts as I was avoiding very active ushers, but it greatly improves after and is shot with a mix of wides, mediums and closeups. It's shot around heads and there's a little bit of wandering, but I worked around it as well as I could and it captures most of the action well. Video includes the curtain call and post show speeches.
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